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Wire Processing redefined! Fully automated assembly of:

stranded wires
connector housings
terminal blocks
cable harnesses

Adaptive - Modular - Efficient - Compact

Our solutions:

Wire processing

Cutting, Stripping, Feeding, Crimping, and Deposition

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Assembling connector housings

Fully automated: Cutting, Stripping, Feeding, Crimping, Assembling connector pins into the housing

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Wiring terminal blocks

From the wire reel to the fully wired terminal block. All fully automated and in a single process

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Producing cable harnesses

From the wire reel to the laid-out cable harness. Fully automated in a single process

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Robo Wire Custom

Do you have other requirements? Customize your own system according to your needs

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Screenshot 2023-06-02 214634.png
Robo Wire soldering, coming soon

RoboWire soldering, coming soon

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RoboWire GmbH

Nebengrabenstrasse 18

9430 St. Margrethen / Switzerland

Tel: +41 71 850 91 80

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